In Orange County, and even South Orange County, we are experiencing record levels of new and existing foreclosures. While this is already an unfortunate situation for the homeowner, many scam artists are taking advantage of their predicament, making things even worse. If you are in foreclosure on your OC real estate property, or are about to be facing foreclosure, listen up.

In an attempt to swindle Orange County homeowners out of money, many fraudulent foreclosure firms have popped up in the recent years. These firms use half truths and lies in order to convince you that they can provide you with a way to save your home. How do you know whether or not you may be dealing with a phony firm? You can always call the Neighborhood Housing Services of Orange County. They are aware of these imposters and know the signs. If you are at all concerned, reach out to the today.

Before every real estate transaction, it is important that you thoroughly research your real estate agent, mortgage broker, and all other real estate professionals you come into contact with. The Orange County Board of Realtors can be a great resource for realtor information, as can the internet.

If you are interested in working with a trustworthy, licensed real estate agent, call Cheryl Marquis of Alterra Properties today! She can help you buy or sell perfect Orange County home!