Are you renting and questioning whether or not it is time for you to plant your roots in your South Orange County community and buy a home? As an Orange County homeowner myself, I can list the many perks of owning your own one home. Not only are there financial perks, such as tax benefits (for more on that, click here), but there is something to be said for owning the home in which you live.

In a recent survey, the National Association of Realtors questioned thousands of homeowners and home renters about their feelings on renting vs. owning and their community. In general, homeowners were more satisfied with the quality of their lives than renters. Additionally, owners were much more satisfied with family-oriented environment.

Additionally, Orange County homeowners tend to be more engaged in their community than renters. This is not to say that renters are not involved in South OC happenings, but owners are more likely to listen to / read up on local news by almost 10%. Additionally, 78% of OC owners vote, as opposed to 58% of renters.

In the end, the study concluded that there is a relationship between home ownership and community satisfaction, high quality of community life, civic and community engagement and local volunteerism. If you are considering buying an Orange County home, call Cheryl Marquis of Altera Properties TODAY!