Imagine coming home to a clutter-free home every day… Sounds impossible you’re thinking. But we disagree! Not only is a home without clutter easier to sell (it can be hard to imagine the moldings and built-ins with chotchkes and other knick knacks overwhelming them!), but a clutter-free living space offers a sense of relaxation for the person coming home to it every day.
We’ve written posts on spring cleaning and involving your kids in the clean-up process by making it ‘fun’, but the most important thing ot remember if you want a clutter-free home, is that you can’t keep everything. At least not in your house. A storage unit might be a great option though!

If you’d like to keep your home’s clutter to a minimum, start organizing. You’ll know where things are and won’t have to make a mess when rummaging through every closet to find it, which will reduce your stress and clean-up time. Create breathing space with a clean and organized lifestyle and allow energy to flow easily through your home.

One ofthe first steps of organizing is getting rid of no longer serves you. This might be a painful process, but if you have lived in your home for more than a few years it is a necessary one! We often accumulate stuff (paintings by kids, report cards, trophies, our favorite dress from New Years in 1985) without tossing out items we no longer use. Again, you don’t have to throw precious mementos away. Consider boxing them up and placing them in your attic or storage closet. Or, if its in your budget, an off-site storage unit.

The goal with organizing is to stay on track. Kids, spouses, responsibilities will all come up, but don’t start an organizational project and leave it. Not only will you be adding more clutter to your home and life, but seeing a half-finished project will cause you stress and decrease your motivation to finish.

When organizing your clutter, it is important to take space into consideration. Store boxes under beds or in other hidden places, but make sure they are neatly and clearly labeled. If this feels to overwhelming to you, contact a professional organizer. They can help get you on the right path and into the zone of organization.

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