As its residents can attest, California is nothing if not a plethora of microclimates. Various landscapes tucked within these microclimates dotted line the coast and the deep inland regions. Travel to Northern California and you will find redwoods for as far as the eye can see. Head south and you find warm beaches and sometimes desert-like regions.
With snow in one part of the state and lack of rain in another, it might be challenging to determine what plants will best landscape your yard. Hence, native landscaping. Native landscaping is the concept of examining what is native to a sub-region and climate appropriate. For example, what grows wildly and plushly in the Wine Country may not feel as welcome in Rancho Santa Margarita.
What’s great about a landscape that is authentically Southern California is that is is often lower maintenance for a homeowner and allows the homeowner to fully take advantage of the climate, including our drier summers and winter rains. Additionally, a native garden can attract the right insects (yes, certain insects are beneficial!).
A few popular plants native to California include:
Chalk liveforever, Dudleya pulverulenta – is impossible to kill, easy to grow, and native to Laguna Beach.
Coast live oak, Quercus agrifolia – provide tremendous shade but can grow to be quite large!
Foothill sedge, Carex tumulicola- also almost impossible to kill and provides great ground cover.
California lilac, Ceanothus spp. – run from a ground cover all they way up to a small tree and have a nice dark green leaf color and in the spring and summer are covered in purple flowers. Comes in several varieties.
Canyon prince, Leymus condensatus – can handle drought very well and also overwatering.
These are just a few of California’s native plants — in total, we have over 6,000 native to our beautiful state! Not only is a beautifully landscaped backyard a treat for you, the homeowner, to enjoy, but when it comes time to sell, take confidence knowing that it will up your home’s ‘game’ and be noticed by interested buyers who are relieved they don’t have another project (landscaping) to take on with the potential purchase of your home!
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