Contrary to popular belief, being a real estate agent isn’t as easy as waking up one day and deciding to sell your neighbor’s home. While some agents might treat their license as an excuse to take advantage of a home buyer or seller, other agents, like Cheryl Marquis, do not. Here are some key things too look for when choosing your next real estate agent…

1. Does the agent reveal the state of his or her licensure? So that the agent understands state laws and can effectively protect your rights, he or she should be licensed in the state in which he or she does business. If you’re on an agent’s website, make sure he or she includes a note disclosing the state in which the agent holds his or her license.

2. Failing to disclose a short sale. Some state laws require agents to report a short sale… Make sure the agent you are working with follows California real estate law before you decide to do business with him or her.

3. Does the agent make false or misleading statements or comments on his or her webpage or Facebook page? For example, a common deceptive practice some agents engage in is listing a picture of home on their social media pages saying it is ‘just sold!’ but neglecting to mention that it was so by another agent and they were not a party in the transaction. Agents will mention open houses but the house they are holding open isn’t their listing.

These are just a few things to consider when you are deciding who to list your home with or when picking an agent to help you buy your next home. South Orange County real estate agent Cheryl Marquis of Altera Real Estate has been in the business over 25 years and is known for her strong work ethic and trustworthiness. Call her today for any of your real estate needs!