I’m sure you have all heard about my organic garden. I planted it in our backyard a few months ago and it is already producing delicious vegetables and fruits! And even better? It looks gorgeous (if I do say so myself ;))!

Here are a few other ways you can spruce up your backyard in time for summer and for a busy selling season!

1. Flagstone Patio. Flagstone is flat stone that comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Costwise, you could be looking at $2 to $4 a piece. It can be a perfect addition to spaces you’d rather not have wood, grass, or gravel.

2. Natural Stains. But be careful! “Soy-based”, “natural pigments”, and “non-hazardous” are terms you should look for when choosing your next can of stain. According to experts, conventional stains contain a laundry list of harmful ingredients, including synthetic pesticides and fungicides.

3. New Age Wicker. Water-and-element resistant of course! Perfect for an outdoor BBQ.

4. Fountains. We have a few of these in our backyard! In Feng Shui, flowing water means flowing energy. Stick a small one in your flower bed, garden, or on your deck!

5. Solar Lights. With today’s rising energy costs, it pays to be solar savvy. Change your outdoor lights for solar versions, including up-lights for trees.

6. Native Plants. Who doesn’t love a lush, green backyard? Your local gardening supply store can set you up with plants that will make your backyard bloom.

Just ask Cheryl: When selling your home, every detail counts!