Here’s some fun real estate news… Because it’s Friday and we don’t want think about rising gas prices or the increase in unemployment!

Eric Clapton’s Venice Beach, California bachelor pad is for sale. And guess what? Along with the architectually-praised home you get a lost recording. Well, kind of. The current owner (who bought the home from Clapton in 2003) found a tape recording of Clapton jamming on his guitar. And he’s leaving it with the house, for the next owner to enjoy. The 2 bedroom, 2800 square foot home is listed for $2.5 million and any amount paid for the house that exceeds the market price will be donated by the seller to relief efforts in Japan.

As for Clapton, he bought the house from the original owner in 1998 and lived there part-time for five years. It’s mentioned in Clapton’s 2007 narrative, “Clapton: The Autobiography” where he describes the beach house as “perfect bachelor pad.” He eventually decided to move out when things got more serious with his live-in girlfriend and privacy started to be an issue.

Have a great weekend. And if you’re in the mood for purchasing a piece of rock history, call Cheryl Marquis today — she’ll help you snag Eric Clapton’s pad!