If you’re looking for some ways to kick off your own summer, here are 25 fun ideas your family can try!
1. Eat ice cream for lunch.
2. Hit the beach. Is there anything more quintessentially summer than a beach day?
3. Plant a garden together. Planting a garden can be as simple as putting a few plants in a pot or planter on your porch or balcony. No matter how you do it, it’s so fun to take care of them together and reap the fruits of your labor later on.
4. Go camping. Camping is more popular than ever, so if you don’t have a reservation yet, it may be hard to find one for the dates you want.
5. Host an epic water balloon fight.
6. Go putt-putt golfing. This is one that’s fun for the whole family. If you have a baby, pop them in a carrier and join in the fun.
7. Head out for a hike. You’ll want to time this strategically to avoid the heat of the day, nap times, and mealtimes, but head out early, pack plenty of bug spray, water, and snacks and enjoy all that nature has to offer, together.
8. Go blueberry or strawberry picking. T
9. Make freezer jam.
10. Hit the trails. The bike trails, that is.
11. Sit and watch the sunset together.
12. Go fishing.
13. Roast marshmallows. A summer tradition for a reason.
14. Go on a picnic.
15. Visit a local waterpark. Celebrate the grand reopenings in your area by supporting these businesses that had to close last year.
16. Try your hand at farming. If you have the space and the ordinances to support it, consider adding to your family with a few backyard chickens.
17. Drive-in for a movie.  
18. Check out your local library.
19. Volunteer together. Why not kick off summer by working together to make your community more enjoyable?
20. Make an ice cream sundae bar.
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