Here’s a breakdown of what the experts think you can expect in the OC real estate market for the remaining quarters of 2011:

1. The mortgage loan process is not going to get any easier. You will need various documents that verify you can afford the loan you are taking out, such as your tax return and asset statements.

2. Purchase money mortgages will increase, while you can expect the number of people refinancing to drop.

3. Jumbo loan mortgages will become more attractive. Gone are the high rates that in years past have kept refinancers and purchasers out of the market.

4. Expect more all-cash purchases, thanks in part to bargain REO’s and other distressed sales. Contact Cheryl to discuss investing in real estate!

5. Mortgage rates are anticipated to increase, however slightly. This is not great news to potential buyers or refinancers — another reason to call Cheryl about snatching up a real estate deal while you still can.