It’s summertime, which at The Marquis Group, means family, bbqs, and lots of sun! Cheryl is a fabulous entertainer, as any of her guests can attest, and wanted to offer 10 Summer Decorating Tips bound to impress and delight!

10 Summer Decorating Tips — How To Make Your Orange County Home the Perfect Party and Family Place!

1. Bring Your Living Room Outside! Comfy outdoor seating is a must for any family looking to enjoy Orange County’s beautiful summer weather. And don’t forget a large umbrella to protect against those UV rays.

2. Create Your Special Space. Whether it’s a reading nook or a meditation corner, make time — and room — for yourself, inside or outside of the house! With the kids home and chaotic schedules, a little ‘me’ time is necessary for an Orange County parent!

3. Decorate Your Outdoor Table! Using colorful prints, gorgeous flowers, and fun decorative pieces, create a tablescape that encourages your family and friends to enjoy the beauty that is an Orange County summer!

4. Cool Down Outside. And install an outdoor shower. Seems wild — and challenging — but you can find the right materials at your local home improvement store. Keep the kids and the mess outside and even bring out your inner child and use it yourself!

5. Use Your Environment. If you live at or near the beach, decorate your home with seashells. If you’re in the hills, flowers and other greenery will do the trick. Orange County is home to all types of natural habitat. The point is to enjoy and make the most of your surroundings!

6. Water Your Plants. It’s imperative to give plants an inch of water a week to keep them alive during scorching summer temps. However, be mindful of the environment and use only what your household truly needs!

7. Install a screen door. Enjoy the ocean breeze, or if you are inland Orange County, encourage your home to breathe by installing a screen door. It doesn’t matter if you own a condo or single-family home, screen doors are a great way to cool your home naturally, save money on energy bills and, perhaps best of all, keep the season’s pesky bugs from flying inside!

8. Dust off the Grill! My husband is a world-class grill man and using our bbq 12 months of the year. But for some of you, grilling is a summer only activity. Well, now’s the time to fire off that grill and start cookin’!

9. Get Hardwood Flooring. Not only can it be very chic and attractive to potential buyers, but hardwood floors can also help keep your home cool — and they’re easy to clean!  Stains in carpet, begone!

10. Light it Up! What’s the point of beautifying your backyard if you don’t have the lights to showcase it? Hang lights in trees, adorn tables with gorgeous candelabras, string up lanterns — there are options for every budget! Not only will a well-light backyard encourage friends and family to mingle outside, but it will allow you to illustrate these simple yet noticeable changes you have made to your backyard.

And of course, these 10 Summer Decorating Tips, if done correctly, will only help to enhance the value of your Orange County home!

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