Attention Orange County property taxpayers: Good news in the midst of tax season! And we have Sunday to thank.

As we are all probably aware, April 10 is the traditional due date for the second installment of your property taxes. However, this year that day falls on a Sunday, giving you an extra day to procrastinate—I mean get your money to the government. Long story short: your money is actually not due till April 11.

How is the government doing over all when it comes to property tax collections? To date this fiscal year, property tax collectors have noticed an increase in the amount of money collected. For example, first installment collections — those due back in December — are $2.35 billion, or 98.2% of what was due. That’s $38.18 million better than collections in the same time for the year prior.

As for those second installments due Monday, O.C. has taken in $1.64 billion, or 68.9% of what’s due. The OC is up $57.76 million than the same time a year ago. Some experts are attributing this increase in collections to mortgage companies, who, due to the large number of shorts sales and foreclosures, have earned more money. And unlike many individual taxpayers, these large corporations don’t wait until the last minute to send in their money.

Get your property taxes in now, so you don’t have to worry about lates fees or working on them over the weekend!