As my friends and regular blog readers know, I love an organic garden — especially mine!  See my original post on my organic garden here. A garden adds an extra special something to a backyard of any size and is great for re-sale purposes.  A small, medium, or large sized garden is also a great way to avoid trips to the grocery store!  So along with contributing to an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, an organic garden is wallet friendly: it saves on gas!

I planted my organic garden in the back corner of our yard.  It is fenced in so that my dogs — two adorable Havanese: Cuba and Stogie! — can’t help themselves to the kale and other delicious fruits and veggies.  The fence also keeps most other unwanted critters out.  And anything the fence doesn’t stop, my organic pest spray does! The key to any organic garden is upkeep: you want to make sure the plants are growing the right way and that all weeds are pulled regularly.

If you are thinking of a unique and relatively low-cost way to spruce up your Orange County backyard, definitely consider planting an organic garden.  It’s good for your health and for your home value!

My Giant Zucchini! Yes, I Grew it in My Organic Garden!