Which generation is leading the OC housing market toward recovery? Generation X! Adults ages 32 – 45 are poised to help the unstable market recover: they are in the primes of their careers, having growing families, and tend to be very mobile. While not the largest living generation (that’s Gen Y, the generation below them), they do make up 1/3 of the home-buying population.

So what are these Gen Y-ers looking for? Community amenities (think towns like Ladera Ranch…) and suburban locations. They also want more storage space (a generation of hoarders? ;)) an open floor plan, and room to fit their cars in the garage. Sounds reasonable, right?

Generation X has been forced to hold off on buying a new home due to the recession, but the experts claim they are primed and ready to buy. This means if you are thinking of selling your family home, now might just be the time to list with Cheryl! Affordable homes are popping up, so you can easily down-size to something more economical.

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