Is self-isolation driving you crazy yet? In the grand scheme of things, lying low for a little while is a small sacrifice to make for the increased safety of everyone in our community, so kick boredom with a few of these 5 ideas.
1. Start a New TV Series ? Netflix + chill will be very real these next few weeks. The time is now to be a couch potato and proud. What shows are you currently loving that I need to start binge watching?
2. Spring Cleaning ? For those that haven’t had the chance to Marie Kondo everything in your home, now is the time! Go through your pantry, cupboards, closets or re-arrange your lounge and living areas. On that note – may be a good idea to disinfect everything while you’re at it.
3. Move Your Body ?‍♀️ Whether you stream workouts or search youtube for stress-relieving yoga workouts, don’t forget to get your body moving at-home for at least 20-30 minutes.
4. Learn Something New ? Kids don’t need to be the only ones home-schooling. Pick up a new hobby online using a service like @masterclass that offers hundreds of classes from experts like Gordon Ramsey, Natalie Portman and Annie Leibovitz!
5. Camp-out! ? Speaking of kids, this activity is perfect for the weekend. Go camping in your own backyard! Pitch a tent and sleep alfresco to spice it up a bit and get outside without heading into the wild. Cook some marshmallows, gaze at the stars and breathe in the fresh, non-Coronavirus air.
What other ideas do you have to pass the time at home? Leave them in the comments!