What makes me an expert in luxury homes? Here are my five areas of expertise:

  1. Expert in markets and value.

What are properties selling for per square foot, per front foot? Who are the people who live there now? If it’s a second-home market, which a lot of high-end markets are, what is the predominant geographic area where buyers are coming from? What does it cost to build there per square foot and who are the prominent builders? I am an expert on market value, sales price ratios, the ratios of selling price to property tax assessment, and so on.

  1. Expert in pricing.

I have a process for determining your home’s price.

  1. Expert on preparing homes for sale.

The higher you go in the price range, the fewer people there are who can afford the property and the fewer showings you’re going to have. So every showing has to count. Some people call this staging; I call it market preparation. I am able to demonstrate my expertise in getting homes ready for sale, based upon my experience of watching people go through properties, and noticing what makes their eyes light up and what makes them glaze over.

  1. Expertise in marketing.

I work with experts with the best skills in photography, copywriting, and editing so my marketing pieces have impeccable polish. I art direct the photography to get the best shot that will attract the right buyer in 1.5 seconds on Zillow. That’s how I differentiate.

  1. Master negotiator.

I have developed my expertise in negotiating through experience and also training.

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