With Thanksgiving later than ever (or at least that’s how it feels!), getting your Christmas decorations up before the day is actually upon us will require a bit of planning and a lot of action! Cheryl Marquis is a fan of holiday decor (no holiday is too small!) and believes in the power of a beautifully decorated home — and not just when it comes time to sell. The holidays are a time of festivity and family, show your joy with these 10 holiday home decorating tips.

1. Be Consistent. As tempting as all those cute and festive Santa Clause’s may be, stick with one theme and style for your holiday decorating. It makes shopping for decor easier (if you’re in the market for new decorations) and makes your space feel professionally finished.

2. Holiday Scents. The holiday season means the delicious smells of gingerbread, pine trees, and pumpkin pies. Even if you aren’t baking from scratch or don’t live in the woods, you can turn your home into a winter wonderland of smells. Place potpourri and scented candles near your entry and throughout your house, especially in bathrooms and other tighter spaces.

3. Color Coordinate. Multiple colors palettes can be distracting, or worse, look tacky. Choose two to three colors for your holiday theme and keep it consistent. Silver, blue, gold, green, red are all great colors that represent the holidays.

4. Family. Get your kids together and create an unforgettable family tradition. Price tag is irrelevant! From making gingerbread houses to decorating your own wreath or Christmas tree, there are plenty of options for OC families at all price points.

5. Mix It Up! Give your home a different look and feel for this special time of year. This could be as simple as rearranging your furniture so the focal point is the fireplace or the Christmas tree.

6. Light It Up! Decorate the outside of your home with lights! Maybe even put up a few twinkle lights in the backyard. From colored lights to white lights, you can create a warm and inviting holiday scene of your choosing. Keep the lights on a timer to bring down electricity costs.

7. Collect. Instead of throwing out decorations each year and starting over the next Christmas, start investing in a collection. Whether it be vintage or ultra modern, select a style that you not only won’t get sick of year after year, but can be passed on to the next generation. Pinterest offers great ideas!

8. Candlelight. Now that you’ve purchased yummy-smelling candles, use them! Candlelight makes a room feel warm and inviting — and cuts down  electricity usage!

9. Spread the Joy. No room is too small or too underused to receive a little holiday love. Kitchens and bathrooms can a great place to put scented candles and smaller seasonal knickknacks.

10. Share the Love. Nothing makes a home feel more welcome than love. Spread it liberally throughout your house and to your loved ones this holiday season and watch your family grow closer.

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